We are happy you are here.
We are happy that you have chosen to do something about learning English language. Thank you for visiting. We hope you will find this presentation easy. We both will learn together. It is possible your knowledge of English is already good.
I suggest you write a letter to your father asking for money giving some reasons why you need a laptop costing Rs 50,000.
And write one page on any one topic of your choice.
In case you choose to do this course, please keep these two documents with you till end of this course.
This course on English will comprise around 80  lectures.
Proceed when ready.


About Us

We are a group of professional engineers with several decades of experience in Industry. We belong to IES UPSC. And teaching is our passion. Making things easy to understand is what we are good at. Passing on the understanding is our specialty, as you will soon see. We firmly believe that it is understanding that will give you confidence to start exploring to learn more.
English is a MUST for success; a must for achieving higher levels of learning.
Even if we know we must be able to express ourselves in a manner that the reader understands immediately and becomes eager to read on further.
We need to engage the reader with simple language, easy language and with brevity.
This is our aim.

Aims & Objectives

Having come cross a large number of students in classes and outside our observation is that there is a trend towards so-called “spoken English”.
You can find dozens of self proclaimed experts who claim to teach you English without grammar. This is their specialty- without the burdensome GRAMMAR.
We don’t believe that is possible.
If we are to be understood universally, and be able to understand we need to follow some rules- and, that is grammar. Nothing in life is without rules. We may or may not be aware but we comply with rules.
We intend teaching you English language to enable you to express yourself clearly in simple and correct English. You will be able to convey what you mean in least possible words. Your reader shall be able to understand you unequivocally and without any doubts.
PART-2: Will deal with translation: How to translate form our language into English and vice versa.
PART-3: Will help you build up reasonably good vocabulary.
Please do not get carried away with need for spoken English in Interviews. Interviews will come only after you have cleared written Examination.

Scheme of Study

Please remember: these are lectures. As if we were all in a class room.
We go to school not because there are no books available. We need good teachers to learn and understand.
Once understanding comes it is for us to take our knowledge to any level that we want. Understanding keeps our perspective clear.
Over 50 years ago, we studied English from Wren and Martin. This book will never lose its relevance. We are basically following this book only. Books remain same. It is the explanation that matters.
This web site is our first attempt to reach out to students of all streams, be they from Commerce, Arts or Engineering, English is a common thread among all of them.
Instead of waiting for a perfect site and perfect contents to build up we have decided to build up a better site and will modify notes as we go along.
May be we will receive good feedback from you.
We have decided to breakup the contents as follows to begin with:
PART-I:   Grammar
PART-II: Translation
Part-III: Building up vocabulary
All this is tentative. We shall adapt to needs as we go along.

News: What More to Come

We have begun with English Language. Without reasonable knowledge of correct English writing ( and therefore understanding) there is a constant fear that keeps us from referring to good books. We think they are difficult. And we drift towards “guides”. It creates weakness. We do not know what is FULL. Understanding well teaches us to decide what is more important and where we stand. We are the choosers.
Without English there is not good future.
We are working on:
I. CBSE XI Physics – started
II. CBSE XII Physics
1.  Network Analysis – started
2. Electronic devices and Circuits
3. Electrical Technology
Much more depending on the response we get and how helpful our teaching is.

And ALL this is FREE.